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Have You Got A Good Ear? – Audio Transcription Work is now available for French native speakers!

We’re offering you a job, which empowers you to work from home, with no background experience.

Audio transcription involves listening to audio files and writing what you hear. That’s it.

If you have little to no experience – being a transcriber is a great way to build up your skills and become more valuable!

The mouth-watering pros of working from home are:

Being home when your packages arrive
Working from the sofa, in your comfiest pajamas
Save your chocolate bar from thieves at work (aka co-workers)

If any of these appeals to you, including…

Building on your language skills
Working on smaller-sized projects
Having more autonomy over your life
Building up a great reputation with clients from around the world
…create a profile in https://my.oneforma.com and apply to this job. You will find all the information about the job and its rates in the JOBS section in your profile!

We look forward to helping you begin your transcribing adventure!


The skills you need are the following:

Proficient speaker of French
Good level of English: you will be working with audios in your native language, but you need to be able to understand our guidelines and communicate with our project team.
Ability to listen to audios and get a perfect transcription
A high-speed Internet connection
Attention to detail
Flexibility and patience

Date de début de mission

Dimanche 30 juin 2019


Work-from-home with a flexible schedule. Minimum availability of 10 hours/week is required.


11$ per hour

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Modalités :
Register and apply here: https://jobforma.com/job/juniortranscription/
Contact :
Natalia Aldama

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