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Réf. 9711110 - Publié le 14 mai 2019
Royaume-Uni, London, United Kingdom
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Type de contrat


Domaine d'activité

Restauration, tourisme (Entretien, plonge, Hôtellerie, Préparation, cuisine, Service en salle, barman(maid))


European Work Experience Programme (EWEP) has been working for almost 25 years and has already hosted thousands of students. We offer accommodation in London, as well as jobs in the field of hotels or restaurants with a guarantee of a permanent contract within 2 weeks.

Paid jobs in London as a clerk / waiter / bartender

• Minimum wage remuneration = £ 6.15 for under 21s / £ 7.70 for 21-25 / £ 8.21 for over 25s,
• Shared accommodation with European students or in an English family £ 90 / week,
• Administrative assistance,
• Guaranteed job for any selected candidate,
• Quick departure all year,
• Expect £ 272 agency fees,
• Be assured that Brexit has no impact on the opportunities available to you!


Candidate profile:
• Be at least 18 years old,
• Being a member of the European Union,
• Be able to understand english,
• Be available for a minimum of 2 months,
• Beginners are accepted, the experience is appreciated but not required.

TO APPLY, please visit our website (EWEP) and complete the registration form in the "Apply" section.


Availability: • Start as soon as possible, • For 2 months minimum - Stays and arrival dates are flexible, • Full time, about 40h per week, • Permanent recruitment throughout the year.


£ 7,20 (+/- 8,11 €/h). Prévoir £272 (+/- 306 €) de frais d'agence

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