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Domaine de formation

Informatique, télécommunications (Informatique)


NAISTER Product Engineering team is responsible for building the client-facing products that make brands marketer reach another level never thought before. We aim to become an industry leader in machine learning, deep learning, and big data applied to content qualification and generation at scale for a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. Our engineers are working on feature extraction, model definition, prediction, recommendation and dynamic multi-format structured qualified content, data mining, natural language processing and machine learning applied to digital advertising campaign optimization.
As a Data Science Software Engineer at NAISTER, you’ll build best-in-class business driven content assessment and content generation self-service products used by our clients to significantly improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns. You will also conduct on a continuous basis, your own technology watch based on open source advanced Graph Database, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Machine Learning solutions. You will cover all stages of solutions development cycle. As part of your mission, you will have to:
• Identify, research, prototype, and build recommendation and predictive products
• Implement new solutions and "Proof of Concept" (POC)
• Build cutting-edge models for understanding vast amounts of textual, visual and marketing campaigns performance data
• Write production-ready code
• Write tests to ensure the robustness and reliability of your productionized models
• Production of data-driven products that will empower global brands marketers and decision makers at all levels.
• In order to guarantee top quality code, practice code reviews, unit tests, integration tests, end to end tests in a continuous integration environment.


•Experience as data scientist, MS Degree in Data Sciences, Programming expertises uch as python, Experience with advanced machine learning methods and NLP, Strong statistical knowledge, Experience applying machine learning models to real data, Deep understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and best practices (PostgreSQL), Experience applying a range of ML models to a diverse set of problems, Experience with some technologies of the Big Data and analytics stack (distributed databases, large-scale data processing, statistics..), Written and oral English

Niveau(x) d'études

Bac +5 et plus

Date de début de mission

Lundi 4 février 2019


12 mois


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