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Royaume-Uni, London
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Domaine de formation

Arts - Arts appliqués (Audiovisuel (cinéma, photo, son)) - Gestion, management, RH (Audit, conseil, Comptabilité, gestion financière)


Description of the company: Film exhibitor organization specialized in the movie distribution and licensing. The company organizes a famous film festival in London once a year. It also runs several events related to cinema, networking and music during the year. It is in daily contact with several other institutions in the film industry.

Tasks and responsibilities of the intern: You will assist the senior accountant :
- Assist with processing all accounting transactions
- Help with preparing management and statutory accounts
- Help with preparing financial statements
- Assist with preparing the company’s necessary documents for their examination by external auditors
- Support with providing accounting advice for the company to improve its business and
- Support with looking for potential tax optimisation solutions

If you want to develop skills in accouting in a different structure, this internship is the right one for you. You will be supervised by a professional accountant, and will have the opportunity to learn with him. Moreover, the team is professionnaly diverse, and you could meet different person.
If you think you are ready to share the adventure with us, do not hesitate to apply, and send your CV now.


- Intermediate level of English
- Being enrolled in finance, accouting, economics or related degree
- Proficient with MS Office apllications
- Attention to detail

Niveau(x) d'études

Bac +5 et plus - Bac +3 - licence Pro - Bac +2 - BTS/DUT - Bac - Bac pro - Bac +4


2 mois / De 3 à 5 mois / 6 mois

Dates are flexible depending on student availability


577.50 € / month net. Prévoir 479 € de frais d'agence comprenant : correction du CV, organisation d'entretien, coaching de préparation aux entretiens, signature de la convention, réservation logement, suivi bon déroulement du séjour, activités/dîners sur place

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