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Réf. 9757752 - Publié le 30 juillet 2019
Thaïlande, Bangkok
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Domaine de formation

Gestion, management, RH (Audit, conseil, Comptabilité, gestion financière)


1)Creation of internal support / books
Setting procedures / process books for the staff regarding :
- Sales / rental process
- CRM use (enter property, create contact- opportunity, issue reports…)
Setting procedures / process books for the agent network :
- Process, CRM and cloud use
2) Control : Ensure information fulfilled in the CRM is correct
Property, owners’ contacts, leads’ contacts, activities
3) Accounting
- Set up audit about financial / accounting process
- Make a proposal to improve the processes
- Depending on the proposal / decision, eventually choose and set up a new accounting tool / procedures
- Analyze the system of follow up of commission and make a proposal of a tool to improve the follow up and productivity,
4) Property management
- Analyze the work flow in Bangkok
- Make a proposal to increase efficiency, productivity and eventually set up a tool
- Write a book with the process / procedures
- Duplicate this tool and processes to other agencies


Company Vauban is one of the leading independent real estate in Thailand, with offices in Bangkok, Hua hin, Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Samui. To ensure our development we are regularly looking for trainees, if you're interested to work in a challenging, international and dynamic environment, work with us will be a great experience and a career booster.

We are looking for someone with a dynamic personality, ready to learn, serious and curious.

Niveau(x) d'études

Bac +5 et plus - Bac +3 - licence Pro - Bac +4

Date de début de mission

Lundi 9 septembre 2019


6 mois


20 000 THB (+/- 582 €) par mois