Contribution to the improvement and development of the roasted coffee market of the Bolaven Plateau - The Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative

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Réf. 9822737 - Publié le 9 janvier 2020
Laos, Paksé
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Domaine de formation

Commerce, vente, distribution (Management et strat commerciale, Marketing, Technico-commercial, Vente, négociation, relation clientèle)


Created in 2007 with the support of the Lao government and the French Development Agency (AFD), the "Bolaven Plateau Coffee Producers Cooperative" or CPC consists of 1,053 coffee growing households spread in 48 villages of the Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos.
What makes today the strength of the CPC and its members is the quality of its coffees. By controlling the entire production chain, from plantation to cup, the cooperative is able to provide its customers with high quality coffees still unmatched in Laos. Compliance with strict specifications, from harvest to processing, has allowed members of the CPC to win recognition and trust from its customers.
Beside the export of green coffee; which is the main source of income for the cooperative, CPC launched a “roasted coffee” unit in 2010. Sales of roasted coffee on the domestic market increased steadily since then but still far from the initial objective of 12 tons per year. The cooperative is indeed suffering from a lack of commercial strategy on the medium and long terms to develop its sales on a market that became very competitive with many local and international companies developing trendy coffee shops that are now “booming like mushrooms” in Laotian big cities.
To become a major actor of the roasted coffee business in Laos, the cooperative has to design a new commercial strategy that will include improvements at all levels: enhancing the roasting process, expanding the range of products, improving the labelling and packaging, training the staff and recruiting skilled sellers, participating in commercial events nationally and regionally, etc. It is also foreseen to set up the first cooperative coffee shop to enable the development of sales and promote CPC coffees and activities.
The objectives of the internship are the following:
- To review and update, together with the marketing department and the cooperative management team, the domestic market business strategy by making comments and recommendations at all levels: business plan, internal organization, promotion/communication, pricing, range of products, labelling and packaging…
- To strengthen capacities of the person(s) in charge of the domestic market in marketing and sales techniques with a focus on canvassing and customers relationships,
- To support the marketing department in increasing the sales by looking for new customers locally and at national level (Vientiane and Luang Prabang).


- Study in agro-business with a specialty in marketing or student from a business school.
- Ability to work in English (written and oral) is essential
- Good communication skills (experience in training would be a plus)
- Interest in coffee and ethical business is required
- Experience in foreign countries is compulsory (experience in an Asian country is preferable)
- Autonomy, patience and diplomacy are essentials to work in a different cultural context
- Computer skills

Niveau(x) d'études

Bac +5 et plus - Bac +3 - licence Pro - Bac +4


6 mois

A partir de mars / avril 2020


400 US$ (+/- 360 €). Flight ticket: The cooperative commits to refund the intern flight ticket up to 1,000 €, subject to documentary evidences

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